lobby-engine     (beta version)

Have you ever wanted to create a multiplayer game that could run in your browser?. If you have, keep reading. Lobby-Engine will help you with that. Our plattform use Websockets in order to create parties for your game and exchange data with other players. Don't spent weeks creating the backend of your app. With lobby-engine you can do it in minutes.

You can think of lobby-engine as a LAN network, We are the network switch and the browsers are the devices connected to it. You control the logic of your game, our job is to distribute the messages.

lobby-engine is the fastest option if you want to build pure multiplayer web games (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and WebGL).


lobby-engine is not production ready yet. But you can use our demo server for testing. Right now it is a free service, try not to break it.

  1. Include the the following script in the header of your web app:
    • <script src="http://server.lobby-engine.io/lobby.js"></script>
  2. Download the worker.js file from the following link to your web server with public access. (And remember the path, you will need it later).
    • http://server.lobby-engine.io/worker.js
    1. Because most browsers use single thread fou UI and JavaScript, which is blocked by synchronous calls... Concurrent network i/o operations can affect the user experience of your players. To prevent that, we execute most of the tasks inside a web worker. But workers can only be hosted within the same origin as the parent page. That's why you need to include one script in the header, but also add the worker.js file to your web folder.